A global phase 2 clinical trial for people with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS)

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To learn if an investigational drug (opicinumab) can potentially repair tissue damage and reduce disability in people with RMS when used as an add-on therapy to DMTs.

The investigational drug

Opicinumab is an antibody that targets a protein only expressed in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) called LINGO-1. LINGO-1 inhibits the generation of new myelin and the repair of damaged myelin sheath. It is hypothesized that, by blocking the activity of LINGO-1, opicinumab may potentially enhance the repair of myelin sheath, protect nerve fibers, and reverse deficits in neurological functions due to MS.

Key eligibility criteria

  • Men and women
  • 18-58 years old
  • Less than 20 years from the first symptoms of MS
  • Able to walk at least 50 meters with single-side walking aid or at least 120 meters with walking aids on both sides
  • Have been receiving a DMT for at least six months

Trial length

  • Approximately 2 years