Other conditions

Learn about what we’re
doing to help in other areas
of research

Emerging areas of research

In addition to the medical conditions listed on Biogen Trial Link, we have several ongoing clinical programs that aim to advance research for other medical conditions. We are excited by the possibility of  bringing new potential treatment options to patients in need.

We’re currently investigating research opportunities in the areas of Immunology, Acute Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Neuropathic Pain.  To learn more about our core growth areas you can visit our research and development page. Or, if you think you may be interested in participating in our existing research you can search for clinical trials using our trial finder.

Past research areas

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our medical conditions pages, our research in a particular area may have come to an end. Visit our transparency page for more information about our completed trials.

Ongoing research through collaboration

Biogen is also pursuing the development of potential new treatments through collaborations with other companies. You may not find those trials on Biogen Trial Link. To learn more about these collaborations, please visit our pipeline page on biogen.com.